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The Golden Eagle is mainly located in the northern hemisphere of earth, like North America, Canada, Scotland, some parts of Europe & Russia. Golden eagles prefer mountain areas, high altitude, cooler climates, they will also move more north during the summer to bread.

Bald eagles are primarily located in North America which includes, Alaska, Canada & America as far south as north Mexico.

They like to be near tall trees, forests, fresh water, coastal areas, mountains, just like the Golden eagle the bald eagle will move to different locations depending on the time of year / temperatures.

It is most common for the bald eagles to stay in the north America, Canada, Alaska areas and not live in other parts of the world, they are naturally very cautious to human activity so will stay far away from them.
As fish is a big part of there diet they will hang around rivers, likes, ocean coastlines.

The Harpy eagle is the opposite to the bald eagle, it lives in South America, Brazil, places that offer rain forests, warm, wet, humid conditions.
They will chose very high trees to build a nest and will feed of monkeys, sloth's and other mammals
The climate is harsh for the chicks as the heat during the day, insects like large ants and fly's can cause a chick (eaglet) to suffer in this climate.
Been smart birds the adult eagle will snap of small branches with leaves and lay them in the nest as a natural insecticide.

That's just a few eagles, there are many more that will live in the same country / areas,  the golden eagle is the most widespread eagle stretching from Alaska through Canada north Europe, Russia, Mongolia.

some eagles are named by the country in which they live.

here is a list of some of the other common eagles and where they live:

White tailed eagle          Iceland, Greenland, Norway, North Europe & Russia

Tawny eagle                  Africa, southwest Asia & India

New Guinea hawk eagle  Indonesia & Papua New Guinea

Martial eagle                  Africa

Black hawk eagle            Mexico, Peru, Brazil & Argentina

White-belied sea eagle    Australia, south east Asia

Short-toed eagle             Mediterranean, Middle east, Russia Asia

Black & chestnut eagle     Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Ecuador

That's a  few of the most common eagles, the most thing they have in common is altitude, water source, food source, tall trees & cliffs / rocks to build a nest.

The main differences that separate eagles is climate temperature & type of food they eat.

Eagles were present in other countries and locations many years ago, the main reason for eagles to be low in numbers or completely extinct from locations is hunting, nowadays the law is trying to protect eagles and the locations they live.

It seems cruel and stupid for any human to hunt / kill an eagle as they are a beautiful bird, and as long as we don't interfere with them they will leave us alone.


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